Mother Nature apparently won’t spoil the weekend in New Braunfels — which is good news for a packed event calendar that includes NB Kidsfest and the police department’s Kops & Kids Picnic. 

The last of the rainfall is expected to move out after Saturday morning, said National Weather Service Meteorologist Yvette Benavides.

Benavides said the city had approximately 2-4 inches of rain over the last week, and the area remains under a flash flood watch. 

“Due to the fact we already have a large amount of rain, any additional rain could pose a ground for flash flooding, until Saturday evening,” Benavides said.

Meanwhile, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers at Canyon Lake have taken over the flood releases from the Guadalupe-Blanco River Authority.

Terri Beth Teaschner, lead ranger at Canyon Lake, said they took control from the GBRA in order to raise the amount of water than can be released out of the Canyon Dam.

The normal lake level is 909 feet, and anything from that and below is controlled by the GBRA. If the level goes over, that is when the ACOE step in.

“We look at how much we have coming in from Guadalupe and look at downstream river conditions,” Teaschner said. 

There are control points in the river, and the ACOE watch the river or forecast for certain areas, such as Cuero, Gonzales or Victoria.

“We make our release with those control points in in mind,” Teaschner said.

While Comal County did get a lot of rain, it’s not as much as Houston or East Texas.

Friday afternoon the lake level was at 911.13 — or 2.13 feet above normal. 

“So our Corps of Engineer Canyon Lake’s job is to store flood water and then release it at a measured rate to lower the lake level,” Teaschner said.

“We still have some rain in the forecast next week so Monday we might have showers in the area, possibly some thunderstorms,” Benavides said.

Monday to Wednesday, Benavides said there are still some chances for showers, but it doesn’t look like it will be heavy rains that residents have had over the last few days.

Teaschner said the ACOE responds more to rainfall on the ground than the rainfall forecast. 

“Right now we’re not taking next week’s forecast, just current lake and river flows,” she said.

There is a flash flood watch until Saturday evening, and Teaschner said they would remind anyone who comes out to the lake to be sure and wear a lifejacket. 

“If they are on the lake, watch for changes on lake level,” Teaschner said, “Anyone enjoying the Guadalupe should be aware of changes on river levels and pay attention to all advisories given.”

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