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Emergency rooms at New Braunfels hospitals have been busy treating injuries brought on by this week’s winter storms.

Resolute Health Hospital has seen about 15 to 25 injuries a day since Monday in its emergency department, including some that have resulted in broken bones.

Kelly Mills, nursing director in the emergency department at Resolute Health Hospital, said she urges the community to exercise extreme caution when walking outdoors.

“Stay indoors and off the roads and sidewalks if possible because the ice and slippery conditions can be very dangerous,” Mills said. “The elderly and those with osteoporosis are at higher risk for bone and hip fractures if they fall.”

Mills said the hospital has also treated one case of hypothermia and one frostbite so far.

“If the heat is out, layer clothing to keep warm and try to walk around the house to keep your temperature up,” she said. “Our ERs are safe for treatment, so always call 9-1-1 in an emergency.”

Mills said she also recommends checking in regularly on family, neighbors and the elderly to ensure safety during these extreme conditions.

Staffers in the emergency department at Christus Santa Rosa New Braunfels have seen similar injuries this week.

“We have seen some orthopedic injuries, seemingly from slips and falls during the cold weather,” said Christus Spokesperson Nikela Pradier. “We urge everyone to follow the guidance of our local and state officials to stay safe and warm during this time.”

Both hospital facilities said the rotating power outages had not affected their emergency room operations.

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center offers the following tips to stay safe when walking around in snowy and icy conditions:

  • Walk slowly and carefully. Wear boots or other slip-resistant footwear.
  • Use special care when getting in and out of vehicles. Use the vehicle for support if you need to do so.
  • Watch for slippery floors when you enter any building or home.
  • Try to avoid carrying items or walking with your hands in your pockets. This can reduce your ability to catch yourself if you lose your balance. Instead, carry a backpack if you have one.
  • Watch out for black ice.
  • Tap your foot on potentially slick areas to see if the areas are slippery.
  • Walk as flat-footed as possible in very icy areas.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces if possible. Avoid steps or curbs with ice on them.
  • Remember: Ice and snow mean “take it slow.”

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