Freezing temperatures across Texas caused outages and burst pipes across the state — including the St. Jude’s Ranch for Children New Braunfels’ campus.

The nonprofit’s well froze over sometime Wednesday, causing its pipes to burst. First it was a trickle, then a flood.

The women, pregnant and in the foster care system, were safely evacuated to the Bulverde campus with no injuries, officials said.

On Friday, staff went back to check on the campus.

“Insurance is assessing the damage and we’re making the home [comfortable] for the kids,” SJRC Chief Development Officer Cynthia Lopez said.

The New Braunfels campus is a house with a dozen bedrooms that houses 12 women who are either pregnant or have children.

Lopez said the snow storms, coming in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, were just another punch to roll with.

“Our first thought was the safety and well-being of the kids,” Lopez said. “After all of us going through 2020 and that year we were like ‘Ok, this is another incident we’ll work through it.’”

The SJRC Bulverde campus houses 45 children in the foster care system. The campus has power but no water, so they use bottled water to bathe. Staff uses pool water to flush the toilets.

The campuses had power on and off throughout the week as outages rotated around the state.

The nonprofit earmarks every penny for its residents and operations, so any financial hit hurts.

Lopez said the community has helped tremendously and any donation, whether money or items, is greatly appreciated.

“We have received so much support from the community and we want to say thank you to the community and for taking them into their care,” Lopez said.

The campus needs bottled water, nonperishable food, towels to clean up the flooding and plastic bins to move the girls’ personal belongings to the other campus.

“Anything any resident would need in their household, we need that times forty-five,” Lopez said.

To donate money or items, call or text Cynthia Lopez at 210- 843-3294 or go to

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