H-E-B snow

Snow falls as customers line up to get into H-E-B location on South Walnut Avenue on Thursday, Feb. 18, 2021. 

Treacherous roadways and continued snowy conditions did not keep New Braunfels residents from making food runs to Walmart, H-E-B, Arlan’s Market and other grocers on Thursday.

Shoppers at the H-E-B location on South Walnut Avenue were in a long line, anxiously awaiting a noon opening as the snow was falling.

Most people were taking things in stride.

One of those was Jesse Hernandez of New Braunfels, who said he waited about an hour to get inside the store.

“It’s her fault,” Hernandez said, pointing to his sister, Marina Dufresne. “She had a busted water pipe last night. We had to go to Lowe’s this morning and since we were out and about, we decided to hit H-E-B.”

Hernandez said despite the weather conditions, he family was blessed.

“No power outage, no water shortage,” he said. “None of that stuff.”

Adam Gardner of New Braunfels also braved the conditions to get some needed supplies.

“Is what it is,” Gardner said. “We’re keeping the stove on. Just trying to stay warm.”

Mandi Jakubowski of New Braunfels described the long line to get into the store as “crazy” but said her family was in need of some essentials.

“We’ve been frozen in for a week,” Jakubowski said.

The unprecedented weather event in the state has caused severe disruption in the food supply chain, H-E-B said in a posting on its online newsroom page.

“Like many other Texans are experiencing, this disruption is complicated by power and water outages,” the post said. “For H-E-B, this means temporary impacts to manufacturing, warehousing, store operations, and the daily lives of our partners and their families.”

H-E-B said product assortment would be limited for a few days and locations have implemented temporary purchase limits on certain items.

The food items list limiting customers to two each included brisket, frozen chitterlings, water, water multipacks, baby water gallons, baby water multipacks, eggs, milk and bread.

Non-food products on the list that limited customers to two items each included propane tanks, aerosol disinfectant sprays, Isopropyl alcohol swabs, first aid and cleaning gloves, and trial and travel size disinfectant wipes/sprays.

Although all three H-E-B locations in New Braunfels were open on Thursday, company officials said operating hours at its stores could change based on local conditions and operating ability.

H-E-B management has been adjusting operating hours and store closures since the weekend due to the winter weather systems and rolling blackouts throughout the state.

H-E-B said it has prioritized conserving energy across our business to help preserve the energy grid in Texas by reducing all non-essential power such as lighting and HVAC and turning off non-essential power when closed.

H-E-B was also encouraging customers to bring their own grocery bags to the store as some locations were experiencing a low inventory on bags.

H-E-B also said their curbside and home delivery orders have been canceled but would resume as soon as possible.

The H-E-B & Favor Senior Support phone line will be closed Friday.

H-E-B said it would continue to closely monitor the situation and would resume regular hours as soon as possible.

Depending on conditions, H-E-B locations are scheduled to be open Friday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Store closing updates are available at newsroom.heb.com.

The parking lot at Arlan’s Market was full on Thursday afternoon and Oscar Garcia of New Braunfels was on an errand to get milk and some other items.

“(The store) opened (Wednesday), but it was packed,” Garcia said. “There were a lot of people.”

And he said his family was coping with the conditions.

“We’ve got water,” he said. “We’ve got electricity. We’re doing good.”

The Walmart superstore location in New Braunfels was operating on Thursday after being closed for several days. The store’s parking lot was well-filled during the noon hour Thursday.

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