COVID Vaccine Clinic

Student nurses from Galen College of Nursing administer the vaccine during the coronavirus vaccination clinic at the New Braunfels Civic/Convention Center on Wednesday, Jan. 27, 2021. MIKALA COMPTON | Herald-Zeitung

Comal County's COVID-19 numbers have remained unchanged for a week — not because there haven't been new numbers — but because last week's winter weather made inputting those numbers impossible.

The county's numbers before the storm had been trending downward, mirroring those seen across the state and country.

Late last week the region's COVID-19 hospitalization rate fell below 15% for the first time since late December, a trigger that allowed businesses to increase capacity and bars to reopen.

“We are optimistic that with increased vaccine efforts and continued measures to stop the spread, that the number of COVID-19 positive residents will continue to decline,” Cheryl Fraser, the county's director of public health said Monday.

County officials said Monday that the winter storm, which shut down schools as well as the city and county government, has put data entry behind.

"Our reports are generated off of faxed reports and manually inputted," said Cary Zayas, the county's public information officer. "So, by being closed due to weather, this did not happen.

Other parts of the operation are ready to pick up steam — as soon as the county gets the news.

"We have not received word yet on when we will receive our next shipment of vaccines," Zayas said. "We hope to receive enough Tuesday to do the Wednesday clinic at the Civic Center."

Zayas said the county is working on getting those already vaccinated their second dose through the second week of March.

"We plan to start more mass clinics in April/May if the need is still there," she said.

So far the county's office of public health has administered 7,400 COVID-19 vaccines, and other providers in the county have vaccinated another 10,000 people.

The county is waiting to reopen the waitlist until it takes care of more of those who are still on it waiting to be vaccinated.

"Once we get through the majority of the current list, we’ll reopen the standby list," Zayas said. "We still have 6,000 people on the list right now."

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Jesus Mendoza

Public Health Department needs to be more accountable and plan to register residents with a protocol. They should have a sign up list for New Braunfels Residents and stay a step ahead. I think they have made a disservice to the Residents by not having a protocol to register Residents of New Braunfels. Very sad and bad management by the Director of Public Health.

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