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MARK WILSON / Herald-Zeitung A wide variety of books await to be purchased this weekend during the Friends of the New Braunfels Public Library Book Sale at the Civic/Convention Center.

The New Braunfels Public Library will begin extending the loan periods on some types of library materials starting Monday.

Books, audiobooks and compact discs will move from a three-week initial checkout to a four-week checkout with one renewal. 

Additionally, DVDs and Blu-rays will move to a two-week initial checkout with two renewals from the original one-week initial checkout period.

New books and new audiobooks will keep their two-week initial checkout period with two renewals.

Library Director Gretchen Pruett said the changes in loan periods are intended to streamline the amount of time different types of materials can be checked out. 

“It has been confusing for some customers to have to navigate three different loan periods,” Pruett said. “Items will not renew if the library materials are on hold for another cardholder, and patrons are always encouraged to return materials as soon as they are finished with them.”

Items checked out that are eligible for renewal will continue to automatically renew at noon on their due date. 

If an item is not eligible for renewal, there are no overdue fees, but librarians ask that the item be returned to the library. 

If an overdue item hasn’t been returned two weeks after its final due date, the cardholder’s account will be blocked, and no items can be checked out until the overdue item is returned or paid for.

Library cardholders can check out up to 50 items at a time. 

For more information about the New Braunfels Public Library, visit

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