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n the wake of last week’s fire which rendered the Marktplatz structurally unsound and damaged the nearby Wursthalle, officials have said they will rebuild.


A week after the fire that burned down Wurstfest’s Marktplatz, everyone is wondering — what’s next for Wurstfest?

Wurstfest officials met with concessionaires Friday, and made one message very clear; Wurstfest’s 60th festival will take place in 2020. Following the fire, safety is a priority, and Wurstfest officials are already thinking of the future Marktplatz.

“Our absolute top priority is the safety of everyone involved,” said 2019 Wurstfest President Jim Hill. “Therefore, the grounds are closed to all but essential investigators, adjusters, etc.  Everyone must have authorization from the Wurstfest office prior to going on the grounds.”

The purpose of meeting with concessionaires Friday was to communicate with them where Wurstfest currently is and what steps have started in the rebuild process, as well as hear any questions and or concerns they might have, Hill said.

“(Unfortunately,) the Marktplatz (structure) is a total loss,” Hill said. “The Wursthalle has experienced some damage that is being evaluated. We do not have a final assessment at this time.”

Talks of the future Marktplatz have already started, Hill said.

“We formed a strong Marktplatz rebuilding committee that will oversee the project,” Hill said. “They will be assisted by many of the Wurstfest Association members in all aspects from design to finished product. They will also be working with other members of our community as well.”

Wurstfest will be working hard in the coming weeks on a rebuild plan that prioritizes safety and is in keeping with the great work our team has done on the grounds over the years, he added.

“It’s been such a positive experience to watch our staff, membership, partner organizations, and community come together in response to the fire,” Hill said. “Many have reached out to learn how they can help support the non-profits that were impacted by the fire. Anyone who would like to contact these organizations can go to our website at http://wurstfest.com/support for their contact information.” 

Although a set time for cleanup hasn’t started yet, Wurstfest’s members are eager to get to work, Hill said.

“Rest assured once Wurstfest and this community come together around a common cause things move fast!” Hill said.

For more information about Wurstfest, visit https://wurstfest.com/.

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