The gravity of the additional measures being enforced by the city of New Braunfels to slow the spread of COVID-19, is sinking in for locally owned flooring retailer, New Braunfels Flooring. Along with other small businesses, they had no choice but to react quickly to the series of mandates that pose another serious threat — going out of business altogether. 

To keep pace with this fluid reality, New Braunfels Flooring has had to address the community’s needs in new and creative ways. At this juncture, a business once fixated on highly-personalized, in-person customer service is shifting their business model to fulfill the needs of consumers by using a system of “virtual” services. 

“Our top priority is the health and safety of our community,” says General Manager, Vallerie Newman. “We are offering anyone who cannot obtain essentials for themselves to reach out so that we can deliver what we can to those who need it.” 

That could include cases of water, toilet paper or even food. And, in some cases, flooring. Flooring can be imperative to health and safety — whether clients are finishing out a newly constructed home that needs floors in order for homeowners to move in, or someone is living with damaged flooring that pose a safety risk. New Braunfels Flooring evaluates the job requirements using live video calls and deploys staff to complete installations in accordance with advised safety measures. 

“As a community, we need to help each other,” Newman said. “No matter what. Especially the elderly, we want to make sure that everyone is safe and has what they need in order to make it through this crisis.”

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