The Huisache Grill, at 303 West San Antonio St. in New Braunfels, is celebrating its 25th anniversary. The restaurant was opened in October, 1994, by Don and Lynn Forres.

During the 1980’s, Don and Lynn spent their days at their jobs, and their evenings and weekends finding and restoring small, old houses that nobody else seemed to want. Eventually they also began acquiring and renovating a few commercial buildings in downtown New Braunfels.

Lynn had years of experience as a restaurant manager, and Don had experience in banking and accounting. In the early ’90s they were entertaining the risky idea of leaving their jobs and opening their own restaurant.

One day they noticed the little building behind the Holz Building (where Lux Appliance operated). The small building had been home to a Mexican Food restaurant, Mi Casa, but it had been closed for a long period of time. It sat next to a railroad track where trains frequently rolled by, blaring their loud horns (This was before Quiet Zones). 

This humble structure captured Lynn and Don’s imagination. They purchased it and began renovations.

When the Huisache Grill opened, word spread quickly. It was unlike any other restaurant in town — the menu, the wine list and the atmosphere. After several years of successful operation and a growing fan base, a major expansion was launched, resulting in what is now the wine bar area, with fireplace and the cabinet shop area.

In 2007, the patio room was added, with a second bar, and rolling doors to open during nice weather.

The patio room and courtyard have become a favorite place to gather during spring and fall seasons, for live music and wine tastings.

In celebration of their 25th anniversary, the Huisache Grill is having specials and giveaways during the month of October. More information can be found at

Following the opening and success of the Huisache Grill, many new and creative dining and drinking establishments have become part of the downtown New Braunfels experience.

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