Brushing one’s teeth with black powder would probably not immediately spark the thought “how refreshing” but that’s exactly what one New Braunfels mom has grown an international business out of doing.

My Magic Mud, an all-natural activated charcoal oral hygiene company, got its start in New Braunfels when one local mom was trying to find a solution for her 16-year-old daughter’s teeth sensitivity. 

“The original product was the tooth powder, and it was something I came up with as a home remedy,” said Jessica Arman, founder and CEO of My Magic Mud, and a mother of four. “My daughter Allie had sensitive teeth, and had been in and out of the dentist … all the products we purchased didn’t work, so it became a search for an answer.”

Arman said her activated charcoal products have taken off, and they would have never done so if it weren’t for the wonderful community in New Braunfels. 

“We had a vision and just a few people here validated it and believed in us, and because of this community, our dream became a reality,” Arman said. “The critiques they gave us in the beginning were so helpful, and helped us make an elevated product.” 

At first, Arman passed out the charcoal tooth powder if one of her friends talked about any tooth sensitivity. But after it started to gain a following, she realized she might have a product people would want to buy.

“I said to my husband, ‘I think we have something here,’” Arman said. “We’d all started using it, and people kept asking how our whole family had such white teeth, which we realized was just a side effect of the powder.”

That’s when Jessica and her husband and business partner Justin Arman decided to create a website to see if people perhaps wanted to buy the powder.

 “We were selling two to three jars a week, and to me that was like, ‘Wow,’ I was so thrilled,” she said.

She and Justin decided to go all in and see if they could get into a farmer’s market.

“Ron (Snider) was the first person to say yes and to let us into the farmer’s market here,” Jessica said. “He was hesitant at first but he still said yes, and we thank him so much for it every time we see him.”

Justin decided if the jars sold during the New Braunfels farmer’s market, he’d quit his job and devote his time to helping his wife build a business, Jessica said.

“We sold out that first day, 20 jars,” Jessica said. “I was regretting not making more. And Justin quit his job that very week. I remember being like, ‘Wow wait hold on a second,’ but he was all in.”

From there, Jessica got a commercial kitchen in Wimberly, which became the couple’s workshop and lab as well as a place to make the My Magic Mud products — which has since expanded to toothpaste, gum, mouthwash and more. 

“Wimberly was the closest we could get,” Jessica Arman said. 

The couple continued to sell their product out of farmer’s markets, which is where Robert Bishop discovered it. 

As a scout for natural products for The Vitamin Shoppe, Bishop knew he’d discovered something immediately and got the My Magic Mud placed in store.

“That was the first national chain that wanted us, so we thank Robert for our big break into the national market,” Justin Arman said. “We now also sell out of CVS, H-E-B, Wal-Mart and some natural grocers as well.”

The company went national — and then international quickly, attaining 600 percent growth in a year. 

Now a huge success, the Armans were able to buy a building in New Braunfels to run their operations. 

“We started with this one warehouse here, but then we had to expand to two,” Jessica said. “And now we’re expanding again, because we’re selling hundreds of thousands of products.”

Copycats have popped up since My Magic Mud took off, Jessica said, but she and Justin hold a special place in their hearts for knowing their activated charcoal toothpaste was the first and it all started in New Braunfels. 

“It was hard to not be heartbroken at first seeing copycats,” Jessica said. “But then Justin put it in perspective; this is something people like so much, more people want to make it.”

My Magic Mud now sells in Australia, Germany, Austria, the UK, Canada and more, Jessica said. Jessica and Justin employ 24 people, including their eldest son Michael, 18.

“We recently had an appreciation day here where we were just handing out free samples of our products all morning,” Justin said. “We are just so thankful to the entire New Braunfels community.”

For more information about My Magic Mud and to see a list of their products, go to

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