As hospital administrators, we often agree on many subjects. For instance, we both agree on our commitment to the community, to creating an environment that staff, physicians and other providers want to work in, and patients want to come to for their care. 

With those commitments, we inevitably face some challenges, most recently the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has created a lot of uncertainty for us and many other businesses, but one thing has remained constant — we remain privileged to work with some of the finest, skilled, compassionate nurses, physicians and other care givers that you will find anywhere. And it is a privilege to work in such a supportive community as New Braunfels. 

During these last few weeks of uncertainty, our hospitals have experienced numerous expressions of generosity from so many. 

We have received phone calls, texts, emails, letters and cards. We have had “drive by” parades around the campus, parking lot concerts and signs placed on our grounds. Individuals and businesses have provided meals, snacks and desserts for our staff from some of our delicious hometown restaurants — the very businesses that have also been disrupted by this pandemic. 

For all the heartfelt expressions of love and support, we want to say thank you. We thank you for your support, for your gracious words, for your kind acts of caring and for your prayers.  

So, as we continue to return to a new normal over the coming months (whatever that new normal might look like), we will continue to do all we can to support the healthcare needs of our community. We may ask you to do some things different than we have before, but our hospitals will remain committed to providing the safest, highest level of healthcare to our community, that is close to home.  

Now we feel compelled to tell you that we do not always agree on everything (e.g. whose turn it is to pay for lunch), but we will always agree that we are blessed to serve a great community, with special, caring people. We hope you continue to be safe and healthy and know that we are committed to serving you.

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