Teen helps rescue stoke victim
Parker Brooks, who will turn 14 on May 6, helped save an elderly neighbor suffering from a stroke on April 16.

NEW BRAUNFELS — “Always be prepared, and oh yeah, stay calm” could just as well serve as a new Boy Scouts of America motto, a 13-year-old Scout learned last week when his actions and cool head may have helped save a neighbor’s life.

“You hear so much about young teenagers not doing good things these days that we were very thankful we had him,” said  Naomi Welty, whose husband had a stroke in their home last Saturday when Scout Parker Brooks sprang into action.

Parker was pulling weeds from a neighbor’s yard when he heard a siren blaring from a house a couple doors down. The member of Troop 127 Wimberley had the neighbor call the home’s occupants after the alarm sounded longer than 10 minutes. He knew something was wrong.

Parker said he learned Wayland Welty, 82, was having a stroke in his home and Naomi Welty — who had already pushed the button on her husband’s medical alert necklace, which sent an alert to authorities and sounded the audible alarm — needed immediate help. He also learned an ambulance was en route but the driver had trouble locating the home. Parker called 9-1-1 and asked that another ambulance be sent in place of the lost one, Naomi Welty said.

Once he arrived at the Welty home, Parker said he did what came naturally.

“I'm a Boy Scout, so I did what I was taught to do,” he said. “He was bleeding in a couple spots. I got out a bandage and helped him put some pressure on it.”

Parker and Naomi Welty held up Wayland Welty’s limp body until emergency workers came, making sure he received no further injury. Parker said he helped EMS personnel safely carry Wayland Welty to an ambulance, which sped the patient to Canyon Lake Airport to be flown to a San Antonio hospital.

Only once the helicopter flew away did young Parker react to the event’s magnitude.

“When they did that I just kind of had to walk it off,” he said. “It had shaken me up pretty good, just that the guy was having a stroke.”

Naomi Welty said, with Parker’s quick, calm response, medical personnel were able to get her husband to a hospital and stabilize his condition in good time. She said Wayland Welty is undergoing physical, occupational and vocal therapy at an Austin rehabilitation center, and is slowly showing signs of improvement.

Though Parker said he was a bit unnerved, Naomi Welty said she saw no signs.

“He was just there to help,” she said. “He is a very calm young man.”

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Young Mr. Brooks exemplifies the kind of person that makes our country strong. If only all were like him!


I am Naomi and Wayland's daughter, and Parker is my hero! I am so proud of him and thrilled to learn he is a boy scout in Wimberley, where we lived for 15 years and raised our family. Parker's taking charge of the situation allowed my parents to remain calm and hopeful. He is so mature beyond his years; I cannot WAIT to see the wonderful future this young man has in store! THANK YOU, PARKER!

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